UIA univers



UIA means inspiration,

courage and spirituality. 

That's why each jewel has pieces of Núria Bacardit essence, UIA's creator. A woman who has develop a new way to make jewelry for strong, passionate and real women who want to express and spread their talent to the world. 
UIA is inspired by the mother nature, femininity, fertility and the idea of making art with pieces that last forever. 
This jewelry brand was born thanks to the experience that Núria had in India, where she learnt and realised that jewels are more that somethic aesthetic, jewels are pieces with a meaning, they tell stories and transmit emotions. 
So then, for Núria jewels are the vehicle that connect her emotions with her soul, so that, she can express her creativity inspired by an alternative and natural.

Inspirational quote:
"Be the change you wish to see in the World"