Nuria Bacardit


Passionate, creative and adventurous, Nuria Bacardit, the soul of UIA, is raised with the willing of learning from life, to develop and to grow. 

Art has always been her source of expression and she uses it as a way to reclaim a better and united world, where Mother Earth has the most important role.

Núria Inspirational quote is:
"Be the change you wish to see in the World"

For Núria, that quote is the clue: you are the only one who can change your life. That's why UIA jewelries are done to give force and bravery to women's destiny, in order to have an harmonious and authentic world.

Experience yourself! You will find the life's beauty!



The 3% of the UIA benefits goes to people you need to do their dreams come true.

I encourage you all to make donations to people who really need our help. I use to do that since the begining and I ensure that it gives you prosperity.





Núria loves learning art. So she studied a large range of courses and workshops that then she applies to her UIA creations: painting, ceramic, Japanese laque, photography, sculpture...

She also studied:

· Artistic Jewelry in Escola Industrial · BARCELONA

· Contemporary jewelry in Perill workshop · BARCELONA

· Shakti dance (yoga dance) and Kundalini yoga (I and II levels with Sat Guru from London and KArta Singh in the French Alps.



· artisan teacher for Nepalese women · NEPAL  · I love teaching in order to make a better world. Each of us should improve our skills for the World development.

· I use to travel often with the aim of learning art and jewelry. My goal is to visit the whole planet little by little, as World is the best school.