Nuria Bacardit



Passionate, creative and adventurous, for Nuria Bacardit, art has always been her source of expression and she uses it as a way to reclaim a better and united world, where Mother Earth has the most important role.

Experience it yourself, find the beauty of life!

Be authentic!




A lover of learning art, Nuria studied a large range of courses and workshops that then she applies to her UIA creations: painting, ceramic, Japanese laque, photography, sculpture...

Her main studies:

· Artistic Jewelry in Escola Industrial · BARCELONA

· Contemporary jewelry in Perill workshop · BARCELONA

· Shakti Yoga dance · BARCELONA

· Kundalini Yoga (Levels I and II - with Sat Guru in LONDON and Karta Singh in the FRENCH ALPS).

<<My goal is to visit the whole planet little by little, as the World is the best school.>>


Nuria has also been an artisan teacher for women in NEPAL. Helping them to fend for themselves with their own hands.

<<I love teaching in order to make a better world. Each of us should improve their skills for the World development.>>

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The 5% of UIA benefits go to people that need their dreams come true.

<<I encourage you all to make donations to people who really need our help. I've done that since the begining and I ensure that it gives you prosperity.>>