UIA Inspirational Jewelry




UIA univers



UIA means inspiration,

courage and spirituality. 

UIA is for strong, passionate and real women.

Inspired by the origin, mother nature, femininity, fertility and the idea of making art with elements that last forever, each jewel spreads the essence of its creator.

UIA jewels are unique handcrafts by Núria Bacardit, a strong and passionate woman who puts a piece of her heart in each jewel. She created UIA after experiencing India and deeply studying Kundalini Yoga which let her create jewels that connect with the women’s soul. It was then that she developed a new way of creating art, inspired by the origin of everything, where everything is connected.

Feel what it is to go beyond beauty, to feel the emotion, the story and the nature behind each unique piece of UIA jewelry.

“The mission of UIA is to give strength and courage to the destiny of your life.”

Núria Bacardit





The subtleness of Nature: the pure essence that connects the ground and the sky. Atma is inspired by delicate and natural shapes as petals, leaves, fish tails or wings.  



The connection to our origin: an organic shape dance that immortalizes the Mother Nature, where everything belongs to all.